Ishizo style Kokeshi dolls by Ichigoro Abe

Ishizo style Kokeshi dolls by Ichigoro Abe

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There are Ishizo-style traditional Kokeshi dolls by Ichigoro Abe.

This style was created by Ishizo Ogura(1883-1962), a craftsman of Kijiyama kokeshi dolls.

Ishizo style Kokeshi dolls are also known as "margin phobias" , which means they are famous for their small blank space.

The Ishizo style Kokeshi dolls have been inherited by some Kijiyama Kokeshi craftsmen, such as Fumio Miharu(1954-) and Konomi Abe(1962-), and are still being made.

The Ishizo-style is one of the most popular traditional Kokeshi styles in Japan.


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