Kawaii Kokeshi dolls by Shida Family

Kawaii Kokeshi dolls by Shida Family

*This article was posted on February 4, 2022. These items may be sold out.


New items have arrived.

First, Kikuhiro Shida's small Ejiko Kokeshi dolls.

Ejiko means a basket used in rural Japan to hold babies.

These babies are sleeping.

Next ones are Kaede Shida's Kokeshi dolls.

Kaede is the daughter and apprentice of Kikuhiro. In the Shida family, techniques for making traditional Kokeshi dolls have been passed down from generation to generation.

Kikuhiro and Kaede are craftsmen of traditional Kokeshi dolls, but are also good at creating such cute Kokeshi dolls.

Their works are very popular in Japan and sell out quickly at sales events.

If you are interested in our collection of Kokeshi dolls (including those not listed on this blog), please feel free to visit our eBay shop.

Please take a look.

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