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What is “Kinakina”?

Kokeshi dolls made mainly in Iwate without painting are called Kinakina. There is a theory that Kokeshi dolls used to be used as or are the origin of pacifiers. Kinakina is classified as Nanbu-style kokeshi dolls. Nanbu-style kokeshi dolls are characterized by their movable neck, which might have pleased babies.

This type of hatted Kinakina is called “Dekunobo Kokeshi”. It was devised by Kokeshi doll craftsman Morizo Susumago (1950-) with the motif of Kenji Miyazawa, a writer from Iwate . Kinakina comes in different shades and wood grain patterns depending on the type of wood used for it, which is one of its charming qualities.  I also recommend it as an interior decoration.

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