Kokeshi Care Guide

Kokeshi Care Guide

Kokeshi dolls are incredibly delicate. To maintain their beauty for a long time, let’s learn the proper handling methods.


Kokeshi dislikes water

Avoid touching them with wet hands! Sweaty hands are also not recommended, as it can cause colors to bleed and lead to discoloration.

Kokeshi dislikes light

Do not place them in direct sunlight, as it can cause fading of colors.

Kokeshi prefers dry wiping

This enhances their shine.


Avoid placing them in excessively humid or extremely dry environments to prevent stains or cracks.

Be cautious when handling bare, non-waxed kokeshi, as it may result in color transfer or stains. Wearing gloves can help avoid these issues.

Master the proper care for your kokeshi dolls and enjoy your kokeshi life!


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