Naruko's cute face : Yoshinobu Kakizawa

Naruko's cute face : Yoshinobu Kakizawa

*This article was posted on July 19, 2022. These items may be sold out.


 Have you ever seen Yoshinobu Kakizawa Kokeshi dolls?  These are extremely popular with women in particular not only in Japan but also overseas as "kawaii kokeshi dolls".

 First of all, they have a very adorable face.  Despite their traditional form, their faces are expressive and lovely.

 The coloring is also beautiful.  The gradations, potter's wheel lines, and the flowers and butterflies Kakizawa draws are all detailed and beautiful.  The craftsman is also good at making very small kokeshi dolls of about 3 cm.  I have an impression that he is particularly good at detailed work.

 In addition, you can feel the beautiful four seasons of Japan from the coloring.  I especially like the kokeshi dolls with hydrangea and snails, which are inspired by the rainy season.  I also find it cute that the doll’s head is in the shape of a water drop.

 The craftsman’s father (Yoshitaka Kakizawa) and his mother (Mariko Kakizawa) are also kokeshi doll craftsmen, so it would be interesting to see different types of Kakizawa family’s works together.  

Visit Kakizawa family’s online store to find their Kokeshi dolls (link below).


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