Rugby Kokeshi : Fumio Miharu

Rugby Kokeshi : Fumio Miharu

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Today I’m introducing you my favorite Kokeshi dolls, “Rugby Kokeshi”.

Hiwatashi Jiichi (1906-1960) type kokeshi dolls are called “Rugby Kokeshi”.

Rugby Kokeshi by Jiichi Hiwatashi Referenced from


It is said that the reason for rugby is that the unique border pattern resembles a rugby uniform.

Rugby kokeshi dolls are still produced by Kijiyama-style craftsmen, but my favorite craftsman is Fumio Miharu.

Fumio Miharu's Kokeshi dolls follow the tradition but have modern feeling. It comes with a variety of colors and patterns, and even a monotone series which is easy to match with the interior and which is what I like very much about this kokeshi.

Also, rugby kokeshi dolls look great on hats. A beret or boater hat make them look very fashionable.

It is also interesting that the wonderful creativity of kokeshi doll craftsmen has changed the designs of traditional kokeshi dolls little by little.

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