Tsuchiyu Kokeshi dolls wearing hats

Tsuchiyu Kokeshi dolls wearing hats

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Today I’m introducing you the Kokeshi dolls from the Noji family.  

Tadao Noji (1931-2012) is a craftsman who inherited the style of Yoshikichi Sakuma (1872-1960).

He was good at making kokeshi dolls wearing a hat.  These hatted kokeshi dolls resulted from unique development of top hatted Kokeshi dolls, which were spontaneously made by Yoshikichi who just tried to have fun making such unusual ones.

In Japan, such kokeshi dolls are also called “HAIKARA” kokeshi dolls.

“HAIKARA” means western-style or fashionable.

Mikiko Noji (1957-) is the daughter of Tadao.

While inheriting the traditional Yoshikichi style, she creates her own contemporary works.

This kokeshi doll wears a beret and a dress.

It's interesting to compare the kokeshi dolls made by father and daughter.

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